Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My gaming history... or coming up!

The games platforms I owned (In order), and some of my favourite games from them... I'll probably be talking about some of these games and their usability in later posts.

- Spectrum ZX (New Zealand Story, HeroQuest, Batman)

- Mac (Lemmings)

- Game Gear (Sonic, Streets of Rage, Micromachines)

- PlayStation (Final Fantasy 7, Vigilante 8, Command And Conquer: Red Alert, Doom)
- MegaDrive (Brian Lara Cricket, Toe Jam and Earle, Gunstar Heroes)
- Playstation 2 (Timesplitters 2, Prince of Persia - Sands of Time, Super Monkey Ball)
- Wii (Resident Evil 4, Wii Sports, Super Smash Bros Melee)
- XBox 360 (Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock)
- PSP (Locoroco, Final Fantasy - Crisis Core, Puzzle Quest)
- PC (Morrowind, Quarantine 2019, CounterStrike)

I slung these down in 5 minutes, so this is very much a work in progress... Hope you've got a few good memories from some of these! If not, check 'em out.

As I say I'll be posting usability focused thoughts on a few of these over the next couple on months.

Keep your eyes peeled and keep gaming...

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