Friday, 2 October 2009

Hello and welcome

I've set this blog up to post my thoughts and feelings on games. Not just any thoughts and feelings. It's got a special focus - game usability. Hardly a shock with the blog name as it is, but there you are.

I'm a user experience consultant. I have been for several years now and I'd like a change. I want to get into game usability. Why you ask? Playing and watching others play games for a living? Sounds fun to me. Also it'll be great to always be working on projects I am genuinely enthusiastic about.

Anyway, what am I going to post here? I'm aiming to showcase what I can do by putting reviews and assessments of games, interesting findings from research, and my thoughts on games in general.

Feel free to suggest games you'd like me to take a look at (anyone got some homebrew games out there?).

And anyone who has a game usability job going? Lets chat!

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