Thursday, 19 August 2010

Gaming Grandmas

Prepare to see more of this
An awesome blog post from Belinda Parmar. In it she describes some unexpected behaviour by over 55 female smart-phone users. What was most interesting to readers of this blog is their use of games:
When it comes to downloading apps on their smart-phones, one in five women stated that their favourite app was a gaming app
Gaming Grandmas? Oh yes. It's great to see, it really is.

Many of those over 55 smart-phone gamers will probably be discovering electronic games (or at least game genres) for the first time. It's safe to say the majority aren't going to be classed as 'hardcore gamers'. They will need user friendly, welcoming (casual) games.

If you want your target audience to include these older smart phone users, then a big focus on game usability and game usability testing will be needed. As the article points out, 1/3 of the UK population is over 50.

The baby boomers are starting to play games in real numbers. Here they come.

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